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Re: [IP] over simplification

> no delivery alarm.  2-3 units, when your basal rate is .1 is 20 - 30
> hours.  I htink that qualifies as long enough to cause a problem. 

If you're trying to tell me that you don't test your blood sugar 
except once every 20 to 30 hours then you will have major problems 
with any regimen, shots or pump. If you check at bedtime and when you 
get up in the morning, it's a different story. Secondly anyone even a 
child with a 0.1 basal rate is probably still making some of their 
own insulin if they can go half a day on 0.1u/hr. The problem is 
more easily seen if your night time rate is 1.0u/hr. The results are 
still the same. You'll be 400 in the morning if your delivery stops 
immediately when you got to bed. It's still my (lay person) opinion 
that it would be real tough to go DKA under these circumstances 
unless you were already dehydrated and having other medical problems 
for which you should be closely monitered anyway.

> Not saying it ISNT an oversimplification, but I see his point...if
> you have a stupid patient, like me, who doesnt regularly check her
> reservoir, then yes, I wouldn't want me on Humalog either...You, and

Presumeably if your bg's are high you WILL check the equipment.
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