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[IP] over simplification

michael wrote that my doctor's fear that we run a risk using humalog in pump 
due to possiblity of NO DELIVERY was 

> a GIGANTIC oversimplification and really just doesn't happen. For 
> bad stuff to happen you have to be

> 1) high, no-insulin, 2) have ketones, 3) be dehydrated

> When you run out of insulin, us usually only get (1) then slowly (2)
> Many many hours later (3). Of course, you wouldn't want to start with 
> (3), but it's no different really than on shots. 

well...if you are Kayla, to usse a small person as an example, and your basal 
rate is .2, and 1 unit lowers you 100 points, then going to bed at 9pm and 
not getting up until 8am is 11 hours.  If she is fine at bed time, but Kasey 
didnt check to see if there was any insulin the reservoir, then it may be 2 - 
3 units before you get a no delivery alarm.  2-3 units, when your basal rate 
is .1 is 20 - 30 hours.  I htink that qualifies as long enough to cause a 
problem.  Even for me, my basal at night ranges from .3 to .5 - that is 4-7 
hours...which can be long enough, if i misbolused for dinner, or was slighlty 
dehydrated to begin with

Not saying it ISNT an oversimplification, but I see his point...if you have a 
stupid patient, like me, who doesnt regularly check her reservoir, then yes, 
I wouldn't want me on Humalog either...You, and Kasey are much more diligent 
and careful than me...and I guess your kids are profitting from that...anyone 
wanna adopt me?

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