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[IP] Re: What to do for Mum?

<<Mum knows that I have about 6 shots daily, and will soon be using a
but all she says, "I couldn't do that", and refuses any more discussion
the matter. I know she is 68 and set in her ways, but I know she could

My overall well being has improved 1000% since dx'd if only I could mum
do the same - help!>>

First off, let me say I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

The fact that your health has improved so much is going to help your
case, especially since you're going on the pump. She's going to see how
much better you'll feel, and perhaps she'll start looking at herself and
realizing there are ways that she can help herself feel better. It seems
to me that she may be partway there, because she's telling you that
she's having these extremely high blood sugars of 300. If she were in
complete denial she wouldn't be telling you about them, much less even
testing twice a week, I feel.

As you've probably found, you can talk and talk 'til you're blue in the
face about all of the reasons she should take care of herself, but if
she's not ready to hear them, there may not be much else to do except
take great care of yourself and set a good example for her.

Good luck!
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