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[IP] IP] Honeymoon Phase

Fran asked:

> The reason I asked about the h. phase is I've been taking insulin 
> since December l998.  We have been increasing the nite time shot 
> almost weekly.  I was up to 34N/12R.  {SNIP}
>  I saw the Endo yesterday, and she decreased it to 24N/6R.  Big drop,
>  I'd say.  Last nite's reading was 108, the Endo told me not to go to bed 
> under 120.  So I popped 2 glucose tabs and went to bed.  This morning's 
> # was 135.  Any thoughts??????

I would think thatyou had been taking TOOO much insulin at bed time, you were 
crashing in the middle of the night, but not waking up and your body naturlly 
dumps in tons of glucagon, so you were waking up high...which prompted you to 
to keep increasing that nighttime shot...you thought...blood sugar is high, i 
need more insulin, when in fact, as your lower dose is showing...you dont 
really need more...you needed less.

I learned this when i was in the hospital about 10 years ago being regulated. 
 Woke up 3 days running wiht higher and higher blood sugars...doc kept 
increasing bed time NPH...on 4th night, nurse comes in with orders for 12 
units...the night before it had been 18.  I asked was she sure...she snapped 
YES...I drew up the insulin...she looked at it to make SURE i had done it 
correctly...(I wouldnt allow them to touch me except to draw blood), and 
injected.  Next morning I was perfect.  Doctor comes in crowing "see I  told 
you you needed more insulin..." I said then how come I woke up normal with 
LESS?"  He said, "no you took 21 units last night and you woke up normal."  I 
said, "NO, I took 12 units last night and woke up normal"  He argued with me, 
showed me my chart were it said I took 21 units.  I told him ot check with 
the nurse from the night before...Evidently he did...cuz she came in that 
night ALL contrite and apologetic that she had given me the wrong insulin.  I 
was like, hey, 21 units might have killed me...THANK you for screwing up...

so...if less insulin makes your sugars better, don't fight it!!


I can't wait to get the PUMP.....

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