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Re: [IP] kids on thepump

>     I need information on the ages of children on the 
> pump and which pump and why. He 
> is twelve years old and very mature  and the doctor is anti pump please
> ----------------------------------------------------------
We don't have any insurance coverage so I didn't even ask Michelle's endo
for the pump.  (Not that I am rich enough but my family is helping to pay
for it.) I just ordered the pump and call Michelle's endo's office for a
referral to another clinic that does pumping.  I knew her endo wasn't
pro-pump anyhow.

My decision was based on what I had read about pumps > all the facts as to
the improved control, the better lifestyle plus with puberty coming for
Michelle I knew it was the best for her. 

Gaye (Michelle age 10, not yet pumping)

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