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I too am a professional wood worker, building furniture & cabinets. I have 
been using a pump for about 8 months. Don't give it a second thought GET A 
PUMP!  It has made a great change in my life, it also allows me to focus more 
of my energy on my work. The dust thing worried me the most also, but it is a 
not an issue. In the winter I keep my pump in a pocket in my tee shirt and 
the shirt that I wear over it keeps it well out of the dust. I also wear a 
heavy apron which helps to protect it from bumps. In the summer when the 
short sleeve shirts come out my pump goes in its leather case and I keep it 
on  my belt with my tee shirt over it and my apron helps to give even more 
protection. If it gets some dust in it I blow it out with compressed air at 
low pressure before I replace the reservoir. I do take special precautions 
when I spray finish, wearing a good fitting jump suit to cover all exposed 
parts . It seems like all the things that you think of that could be a 
problem aren't, and the ones that do turn up are easily dealt with by using 
common sense.  GO FOR IT!!! 
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