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Re: [IP] don't tell anyone I'm diabetic

>> I am amazed at the number of people I've met lately who recognized my 
>> pump.  3 times in the last month various people have walked up to me,  
>> pointed at my pump, and said does that make life easier.  The first time I 
>> thought they thought it was beeper, so I started explaining the pump and 
>> they said, I know that's why I asked.

>I've only had the pump for not quite 3 months, but the rare times that
>anyone has noticed it and SAID anything, they assumed it was a beeper. 

I have had many people act as "diabetes police" and it drives me nuts, yet
I always have been very open about it (I never 'hid' for injections, my CDE
was impressed when I said I could draw up a syringe while walking down the
street and inject (incidentally rarely did people notice this either)).
I've always tried to educate others about it so it will be easier for
someone else down the road.  I've only had my pump for 8 weeks, but I've
had a lot of questions, and talked a lot about it (as my roommate told a
friend of ours, "don't worry you'll learn about it").  Most people assume
it is a beeper until I say something.  One person asked me why it had a
"funny antenna", it took 3 tries to explain that it wasn't a pager!  (The
next question was, "why does your pager go into you?"  if they had not been
serious I would have replied "to get better reception")  A former roommate
emailed me that she noticed one of her current classmate's has one and
started talking to her about it and now they are friends.  A classmate of
mine recognized it and asked me questions.  My roommate saw some sort of
public service announcement about them and yelled for me to come watch with
her.  And most recently a friend I haven't seen in a while noticed it, and
decided it must be "some diabetes thing or the most weird pager ever made
(refering to the 'antenna')".  So I proudly wear my "most weird pager ever
made" in plain view on my pants.  I test whenever, wherever I need to, and
answer what questions I can.  And get a few good laughs along the way.  :-)

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