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Re: [IP] kids on thepump

In a message dated 6/4/99 3:42:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   Hey I need your help.  I need information on the ages of children on the 
 pump and which pump and why.  Helping a friend get their son on the pump.  
 is twelve years old and very mature  and the doctor is anti pump please help
 ---------------------------------------------------------- >>

		My son Steven is 9 (just turned 9 ten days ago), and has been 
pumping for one month.  He started on the pump because he has severe asthma 
also and his numbers were WAY out of control with all of the other meds he 
takes.  Our endo was pretty much against putting him on the pump until there 
was no other choice.  Basically I laid it all out in writing (in a very 
respectful but firm way) all of the reasons why we believed Steven NEEDED to 
be put on a pump, and all of our reasons why we felt he was mature enough to 
handle it.  Within a couple of days of that letter, the endo contacted us and 
we started the ball rolling for the pump.  My insurance was a different story 
(LOL!) If your friend wants to see the letter, I'd be happy to forward a 
copy, just let me know.  Good luck, I hope all goes smoothly for them.

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