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[IP] Emotional Reaction to Diagnosis

email @ redacted wrote:

>  4 months later I can talk about it and only tear up and not truly cry like I
> did for the first 3 days.

I was raised with "Natalie, don't eat that, you'll get fat and get
diabetes!!!" as a constant refrain, because my grandmother had diabetes. 

So as I grew up, and going into my 40's, didn't get diabetes, and more
importantly, my MOTHER, in spite of being pretty chubby,  didn't get
diabetes, into her 60's and 70's. I thought I was home free.


As it turns out, my mother died at the age of 80, NEVER having gotten
diabetes, but I DID get it at the age of 44. 

When I was diagnosed, I bawled for an hour -- I was hearing all those
voices in my head saying "I told you so!" And I couldn't stop crying
sporadically for a week.  

In my family, actually, diabetes is NOT weight-related -- I had an uncle
who was never more than 4 lb. over IDEAL weight in his whole life -- but
my well-meaning family managed to build up quite a load of guilt in me. 

None of my cousins have diabetes, nor do my 2 siblings -- I don't know
if they were ever told the same thing (but I'm pretty sure they were) --
and so I've resolved NOT to put the same burden on my son. If he's
lucky, he won't get it -- and if he does get it, then that's life. Which
is meant to be lived as happily as possible, which doesn't include

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