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Re: [IP] don't tell anyone I'm diabetic

Dave Windley wrote:
> I am amazed at the number of people I've met lately who recognized my 
> pump.  3 times in the last month various people have walked up to me,  
> pointed at my pump, and said does that make life easier.  The first time I 
> thought they thought it was beeper, so I started explaining the pump and 
> they said, I know that's why I asked.

I've only had the pump for not quite 3 months, but the rare times that
anyone has noticed it and SAID anything, they assumed it was a beeper. 

Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with diabetes, and have never had
anyone act as diabetes police -- or even know enough about diabetes to
be able to question me, (It's been almost 7 years since diagnosis) , I
don't have any emotional reaction to whether people know I'm diabetic or
not. My brother, my son, and my close friends just assume I know what
I'm doing. My high-school students occasionally ask questions if I tell
them I'm diabetic, but most of the time, they're clueless. 

I'm also lucky that I've never had a low where I got SO confused I
couldn't handle it myself. That may come in the future, I dunno, but I
really hope it doesn't!

Meanwhile, I guess we each have to handle it in our own way -- I'm for
maximum emotional comfort for everyone who has to go through this!


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