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Re: [IP] taking out the infusion set.

On 4 Jun 99, at 11:32, Alison Lekach wrote:

>  So,
> anything I need to know as far as getting it out?  Where do I hold onto it to
> pull it out?  I've been sort of a nervous wreck since I started on the pump
> two days ago so any words of wisdom will be extremely appreciated!  Thanks.

One tip for ya the worst part i think is taking off the tape OUCH  ha 
ha..  sometimes that is. taking out the set is ALOT easyer to do 
than putting them in.  which type of set?  if it is a soft teflon needle 
pretty much just undo the tape then pull out the needle.  or you 
can do what i do  get my fingers on the back sid of the tape and 
just peal the needle and everything comes with it.

hope this helps

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