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Re: [IP] taking out the infusion set.

At 11:32 AM 6/4/1999  Alison Lekach wrote:
 >So on wednesday, my nurse hooked my up to my pump for the first time (saline
 >only) using one of the sof-sets.  And tonight, I have to take it out.  So,
 >anything I need to know as far as getting it out?  Where do I hold onto it to
 >pull it out?  I've been sort of a nervous wreck since I started on the pump
 >two days ago so any words of wisdom will be extremely appreciated!  Thanks.

Not to worry. Often the hardest part is getting the tape off. Once the tape 
is loose, the set usually comes out pretty easily and with minimal 
discomfort. Exactly how you pull it off may depend on what kind of set you 
are using and I've never used the Soft-set. I know with the Silhouette, 
that I just yank it off. No special technique and no problem. Soft-set 
users may want to chime in here.


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