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Re: [IP] glycemic index and carb counting

 As far as I have learned, carbs that are less cooked take longer to break down into the blood.  Which is why some pizzas can cause so much trouble--because the dough may be undercooked.  I have found (at least before the pump) that I need short and longer acting insulins with these types of foods because otherwise I go low within 2 hours but end up high many hours later.  (I haven't had pizza since starting the pump, so I don't know how it affects me yet--but I do notice that the same insulin when delivered in the pump seems to work faster than before).

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:52:08    URTAsef wrote:
>i know y'all were deliberating on pasta for 20 digests or so, but i had a 
>question - in a recent Diabetes Interview article they discuss the glycemic 
>index of food, which i understand...but what threw me was that pasta cooked 
>for FIVE minutes had a LOWER glycemic index than the same about of pasta 
>cooked for FIFTEEN minutes.
>So since i like my pasta mushy, can I expect my blood sugars to rise FASTER 
>than some one who eats it "al dente?"  Could this explain why we, as a 
>collective, seem to have so much problem in determining an accurate ratio for 
>If 1 unit of insulin takes care of 15 CHO of mushy pasta that raises my blood 
>sugar quickly, should I expect that 1 unit of insulin will take care of the 
>same 15 CHO of firm pasta?  Would HUmalog be better to use for mushy pasta 
>rather than Velosulin??
>Should I freak or change my insulin dosage, if one night I eat mushy pasta 
>and one night I eat the undercooked kind?
>too many variables...I wanna go back to vacation and eat nothing but ice 
>cream and chef boyardee all day...
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