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Re: [IP] Pump Friendly Endo in NYC

> One of his reasons for being anti humalog in the pump is due to the
> fact that you can get into SERIOUS trouble FAST if you are out of
> insulin.  There is very little tail to carry you, and if you are
> like me and sometimes forget to refill the reservoir until you get
> that NO DELIVERY alarm, that can be B-A-D!!  

Based on the first hand experience of my daughter with quite a few 
"no-insulin" situations over the years, this is a GIGANTIC 
oversimplification and really just doesn't happen. For bad stuff to 
happen you have to be

1) high, no-insulin
2) have ketones
3) be dehydrated

All at the same time - that's how you get DKA

When you run out of insulin, us usually only get (1) then slowly (2)
Many many hours later (3). Of course, you wouldn't want to start with 
(3), but it's no different really than on shots. 

The upside is that if you make a mistake with an overdose of insulin 
which is much more likely than not getting insulin, with humalog you 
are out of the woods in a couple of hours vs 4-6 hours with regular 
and all day with long acting insulins.

Michael -- just my 0.02 cents worth as a parent of a diabetic child
                who vastly preferrs Humalog
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