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[IP] Pump drama continues

Hi all,

We have our first apt. at Stanford on Wendesday. I don't know what doctor we
are seeing since it was sort of an urgent apt. I was on the phone for about
three hours yesterday trying to deal with our stupid HMO, referral
nightmare, etc. Anyway, I did finally get what I wanted which was a referral
to Stanford. We are trying to get my 12 yr. old son on the pump but our
insurance company only pays for it to the end of the month. After that the
plan changes and we have to pay all but $1000. Aughhh...I am so freaked out
that we might not get this done in time. We have been to see a doctor of
some kind every other day for a week. Today I get a break and get to stay
home with the twins (age 3) and clean. ;-) Kim

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