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No Subject

So this morning I woke up at 382 with NO explanation!!!
Usually if I have been high for some time, it takes a ton of insulin to get
down - since I planned going to the gym later, I decided to take enough to
get me down to 100 if I hadn't been high for some time...  Meaning that
if I had been high for some time, it should have only knocked me down to
around 200/180, which for me, if I've had a recent bolus, is where I need to
be to workout (and I still have to eat!).  But a mere1.5 hrs after a 3.0
unit bolus, I was 93???

This implies that I was not high all night... and I have documented
that I do NOT have a dawn phenomenon (yes, I know, it's nice).  I was due
for a site change this morning anyways so I changed it, but that bolus was
given with the old site, and I was showing no ketones....

This is terrifying to me that I could wake up this high with no reason.
I went to bed at 174, but had taken a bolus for a biscuit only about an
hour prior, so I knew that insulin was still kicking... and that I should be
least down to 120 in another hour...

Susan (and extremely thirsty :( )
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