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Re: [IP] Diatsix....

> I decided to try this out when I was in Pittsburgh in April...just for kicks 
> - I was sitting with my boss and wanted to show him the neat trick..and I'll 
> be darned if my diet coke didn't turn that strip dark purple!  But then...so 
> did my water..So that night I did it again with Greg Legowski a fellow IPer, 
> who can back me up, and again it turned purple.
> SO i havent done it since, does anyone else REALLY do this and does a diet 
> coke and water really NOT turn the strip purple?
> Both times I was confident I had diet coke AND water, and NO - there was no 
> ambient sugar on my finger or the straw with which i put the drop on the 
> strip...
> things that make ya say HMMMMMMMMMMMM???!?!?!?
> Sara

Hi Sara,

It seems to work for me.  How much liquid are you putting on the
strip?  You want to use only a tiny amount, maybe even a little less
than the amount of blood you put on the front of the strip.  If you
put too much, and it runs into the spot in the middle of the strip,
it'll leach the dye from there onto the rest of the strip, and make it
hard to read.

I generally stick my little finger into the soda (or whatever), then
just barely touch it to the very edge of the back of the strip, and
that works.


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