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[IP] freee meters

Holly asked 

> I am just curious as to how many individuals have gotten their 
> blood glucose meters at no cost--from someone other than their 
> CDE or endo? 

When i got my novopen in 1988, I got a medisense pen style meter with it...it 
was replaced  when the batteries ran out at no charge when i called the 800 
number and they usually threw in a box of strips and a new poker.  When I got 
my 506 pump in 1993, I got another Medisense meter (credit card style), but 
my nurse trainer handed it to me while I was training so I guess that one 
really came from my endo.  Medisense again sent me replacements when the 
batteries quit.  When i got the 507 in 97, i also got a coupon in the packet 
of papers for a free meter from lifescan, if i sent in an old meter - i chose 
the profile and sent in the old pen style medisense since it was impossible 
to read anyway, and have used the Profile ever since.  

When the batteries ran out again on the medisense credit card one, which i 
use at the gym since it is FAST, i called the 800 number (They are now QID).  
They sent me the pen meter, but I still cant read the numbers on that little 
screen, so they sent me a credit card size one...and two boxes of strips - I 
guess they realize I am putting their kids through college on my strip usage.

I "won" an Advantage (I think - not the new version) at a pump group like 4 
years ago, but it was too much bother to figure out, and I didnt like the 
platic case they provided, so I think that is in storage somewhere with my 
old early 80s glucometer - the kind you squirted water on...(given to me by 
my doctor), and when i was home this past Xmas, I was hanging with my pump 
trainer and mentioned I wanted to get the meter with the light and she had 
one "laying around" so she gave it to me...i havent used it yet - only just 
got strips for it...i am just happy with my profile, so why bother messing 
with a good formula

so the short answer is:  I hav NEVER EVER bought a meter and most of them 
have been given to me by pump or meter companies - that is not to say I 
haven't PAID for them...I am sure they have all beeen paid 10 times over by 
my strip usage...

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