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[IP] Pump Friendly Endo in NYC

Someone was looking for one a while ago:

> Can anyone help me find a good endo in NYC?  I have Aetna 
> insurance, but have the option at work to also switch to  SNIP

My endo is Dr. Andrew Drexler and he is pro-pump, though ANTI humalog in the 
pump for reasons I can live with...There are several other doctors in the 
group - Mt. Sinai Diabetes Center - 5th Ave at 103rd,,,212-241-2000

One of his reasons for being anti humalog in the pump is due to the fact that 
you can get into SERIOUS trouble FAST if you are out of insulin.  There is 
very little tail to carry you, and if you are like me and sometimes forget to 
refill the reservoir until you get that NO DELIVERY alarm, that can be 
B-A-D!!  His nurse, Carolyn, spoke at our pump group last week and had some 
interesting things that I had never heard..and she was actually quite 
disparaging about John Walsh's Pumping Insulin which many of us seem to take 
as gospel.  She said that when their practice does have a patient using H in 
the pump, then they also take injections of a couple units of Ultra Lente to 
"cover" them just in case...Oh wahhhhhh...just use velosulin and dont worry 
about it for crysakes!!!  Or be diligent and check your cartridge and site 
regularly!  What is the point of HAVING a pump if you still have to take an 
injection daily?????  Although I must say, if I had Disetronic, I'd fill oe 
up with H and the other with V and before each meal, I'd switch pumps so I 
could bolus with the H, but use the V for basal

Anyway, Carolyn's main theme of the night seemed to be that you should NEVER 
(ooooh and you know how I hate those worlds YOU SHOULD NEVER), try to drop 
more than 40 points at a time...According to Carolyn, our bodies see a drop 
of more than 40 points as dangerous, since in normal bodies, a drop of more 
than 40 points can take you from 80-110 to a seriously bad place.  The 
natural reaction to this kind of a drop is to trigger the release of 
glycagen, which will keep the normal person from losing consciousness and 
dying, but for us DEFECTIVE people <g> it just extends the vicious cycle.  
Carolyn recommends about a  40 point drop every 3 hours, until you get to 
your target range.  

I am always willing to try new things, but I have always aimed for my 150 
whether I was 190 or 390...and pretty much expect to see myself there in 3 
hours if my site is good, my insulin is good and I am not out of 
insulin...anyone else ever hear this?  

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