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[IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

Ronee asked:

> Has anyone figured out how many carbs  in a NY bagel (much 
> larger than other bagels) with just a smear of lite cream cheese.  

If you want to be exact...you ought to weigh it versus one of them frozen 
Lenders things they pass off as bagels, as i believe that is similar to what 
"they" base the "standard" on - in other words, 1/2 of one of those nasty 
fake bagels = approximately one bread exchange, or for our purposes, approx. 
15 grams of CHO

I live in NYC and eat REAL bagels regularly.  If I bolus for LESS than 60 
carbs (not including cream cheese or if there are added raisins or nuts), I 
will be high...plus I have to take into consideration any fat that may be in 
it, plus any additives like raisins or walnuts.  So for my regular honey 
wheat NY style bagel from Au Bon Pain (which, for a French place, sure makes 
a mean bagel!!!), I take 4 units of insulin (1 unit = approx. 15 grams of 
CHO.  Then I take .5 - 1.0 for the lite cream cheese.

It is really a YMMV (your mileage may vary) thing...and for me, it depends on 
many other things...i.e. time of month, is site going bad, etc.  

basically, it is at least double if not more than one of those so-called 
bagels you can get in the frozen section of your super market

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