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Re: [IP] What to do for Mum?

Whitaker, Paul wrote:
> Since I was dx'd back in January my mum has 'owned up' to being diabetic too
> - I didn't know! Now my problem is, how do I get her to control her bg's?
> Currently, she eats practically just 'rabbit food' and goes for long walks.
> She tells me that her bg's, when she tests, maybe twice a week are always
> well above 300. I don't know how she lives with bg's that high all the time,
> when I know that when I have been that high I feel terrible, not to mention
> all the other nasty side effects, blurred vision, bathroom every hour etc.

Well, when people are consistently high, they get used to the high BGs
and really don't feel symptomatic. It's when your BGs bounce around a
lot that you feel so miserable. That is why so many Type 2's are walking
around undiagnosed -- the don't feel ill because their BGs have just
crept up so gradually they didn't notice it. 

By the way, the "rabbit food" -- if you mean a lot of fruits and
vegetables -- is good, as are the long walks. So it sounds like she's
trying to do what she's supposed to.

> Mum knows that I have about 6 shots daily, and will soon be using a pump,
> but all she says, "I couldn't do that", and refuses any more discussion on
> the matter. I know she is 68 and set in her ways, but I know she could be
> better.

If your mother is a Type 2, as seems likely (but maybe she's developing
Type 1 -- I don't know!) there are a LOT of oral meds out there. Is she
on any? If they're not working, maybe a change in meds is advisable. 
Good control IS possible. 

I think you and she need to exchange some more information -- what does
her doctor say? Is he willing to support tighter control? Or are they
both being fatalistic because of her age? Is she severely needle phobic?
How are her A1c's? How is her general  health? All those things can have
an impact on DM care. 

Good luck to both you and her! 
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