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[IP] smart ass remark (did ya miss me)

I am back...and it has taken me fully 2 weeks to go through the last 33 
digests...I only have 6 left so I consider myself caught up enough to start 
writing back to some things that tweaked my interest.  I must say, however, 
after going through these digests that SOME of you need to review how NOT to 

Nancy wrote:

> Bagels have always raised my blood sugar.  Basically, I avoid 
> eating them.

not to be a smart ass...well who am I kidding, yes I am...but EVERYTHING I 
eat raises my blood sugar eventually...I think that is why I am labeled 
"diabetic" by medical professionals and why I must pay outrageeous sums of 
money to "preferred" providers and insurance companies and why I must allow 
myself to be held prisoner in doctor's waiting rooms for hours on end...tee 

Really though, it seems silly for one to have to AVOID eating things one 
enjoys simply because one has not found the right ratio of carb to insulin 
yet...My suggestion is to eat MORE of those things that raise your blood 
sugar, and LOG your experimentations.  If 2 units is not enough, don't just 
write it off cuz everyother item you eat with that exact same carb count only 
uses 2 units!!!   Eat it again and take 2.5...If 2.5 isn't enough, eat it 
again and take 3.0...If 3.0 is too much, eat it again and take 2.7...etc. etc.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER...and eat Ben and Jerry's before you lose your teeth 
and can't chew the chocolate chunks!

Hugs and kisses
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