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Re: [IP] "Honeymoon Phase" & devestation at diagnosis....

Hi --

The honeymoon phase normally occurs shortly after diagnosis.  After a person 
is diagnosed and begins receiving insulin many times the pancreas "kicks back 
in" for a period of time.  Now just how much the pancreas kicks in and for 
how long is always different for everyone.  Sometimes a pancreas will begin 
working so well it might actually allow a person to not use insulin at all 
but as in the case of my daughter (and most people) she just decreased her 
insulin.  There is no telling how long hers would have lasted but a few 
months into diagnosis she developed chicken pox (why I didn't give her the 
vaccine, I have no idea) which bought her honeymoon to a screeching halt!  In 
some it can last several years providing they have no major illnesses that 
woud put a strain on their pancreas.  

It has always bothered me that I didn't get the vaccine for Laura after she 
was diagnosed but in retrospect, I realize our family was basically in 
surival mode at that point and vaccines were the furthest thing from our 
mind.   Having grown up the daughter of a diabetic I also struggled greatly 
struggled psychologically when Laura was diagnosed.  Those of you who 'grew 
up' with a diabetic parent can probably relate to that devastating feeling if 
you found out your child was diagnosed also.   

Sorry to have rambled so.....

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