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Re: [IP] Am I Too Shallow?

Barb, I too have noticed a similar thing when I insert at too shallow an
angle.  This also promotes "tunneling," i.e.,  the movement of insulin back
around the cannula.  Deeper should not be a problem as long as you don't
get into the muscle.  If the cannula seems too long with a steeper angle,
remember that you don't have to insert it all the way in either.  You may
do better with a shorter length at a steeper angle than a long insertion at
a shallow angle.  Give it a try.  Three to four days on a cannula is pretty
normal for most.  I sometimes can go longer, but its usually not worth it,
so even if it looks ok superficially i change after 4 days.  Good Luck.

<<<<<<<Erica has been getting 3 days out of her sites now (mixing), but tonight
I noticed something that was there before, but just not as obvious as it
was tonight.  I can see redness under her skin.  Not where the cannula
enters the skin, but at the end of the cannula where the insulin would
be coming out.  Obviously Erica is sensitive to the insulin as evidenced
by the site deterioration.  I was just wondering......we have been
inserting at a very shallow angle as she is so thin.  I wonder if we
inserted at a steeper angle, and got it in deeper, would it actually
help things?  Maybe being so close to the epidermis (that is the top
layer of skin isn't it?) is causing some of this irritation.  She does
have sensitive skin so maybe if I dig it in a little deeper (not so she
is uncomfortable) it might be better.  We have gotten very good at very
shallow insertions, maybe too shallow?
I would REALLY love to hear what anyone has to say about this.  We just
put a new site in tonight at suppertime, I would love some input before
the next insertion which will be (knock knock) 3 days away :-)

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