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RE: [IP] islets and INGAPs and cures--oh my!


>     You think that article sounds good?...How about  this...Anyone out

>there ever heard of INGAP? It is a hormone that can make your  body
>new islet cells. It is being developed by the Diabetes  Institutes in
>Norfolk VA. They are in the prosess of negotiaion with a bio-chem
>(name not to be revieled...no insider trading) to produce it in
>so that they can start clinical trials. <<

Good God, this stuff freaks me out! I'd better stop watching "The



What's going on with INGAP is really facinating!  From what I
understand, it's not just a transplant that needs to be redone every
year... it's a REAL cure!!!   I understand it's not as far along as
transplanting islet cells but the research for it is moving faster than
islet cells did!  It's really facinating and you can read more about in
the forums I had with Dr. Vinik as my special guest at
http://virtualnurse.com/diabetes/New/archives2.html  Scroll about half
way down and you'll find them!  Also see the links I put with those
forums to learn more about it!  It's just facinating!


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