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Re: [IP] What to do for Mum?

One thing I have learned is that you cannot live someone elses diabetes.
My mom is stubborn also..to the point she gets angry at diabetes but will
not try real hard to help herself. 
She ended up with brittle vessels in her heart..had open heart surgery 2
yrs ago..lost her visiion in her one eye..and yet...I can't do anything for
her. She does not want to talk about it.
So...I love her in spite of and am thankful I still have her. But I really
do understand the frustrations. I wish I knew the secret..If you find out
please let me know ok?
PS my mom is 73

At 08:20 PM 6/3/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi !
>Can someone give me a little advice on how to help my stubborn mum?
>Since I was dx'd back in January my mum has 'owned up' to being diabetic too
>- I didn't know! Now my problem is, how do I get her to control her bg's?
>Currently, she eats practically just 'rabbit food' and goes for long walks.
>She tells me that her bg's, when she tests, maybe twice a week are always
>well above 300. I don't know how she lives with bg's that high all the time,
>when I know that when I have been that high I feel terrible, not to mention
>all the other nasty side effects, blurred vision, bathroom every hour etc.
>Mum knows that I have about 6 shots daily, and will soon be using a pump,
>but all she says, "I couldn't do that", and refuses any more discussion on
>the matter. I know she is 68 and set in her ways, but I know she could be
>My overall well being has improved 1000% since dx'd if only I could mum to
>do the same - help!
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org