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[IP] What to do for Mum?

Hi !

Can someone give me a little advice on how to help my stubborn mum?

Since I was dx'd back in January my mum has 'owned up' to being diabetic too
- I didn't know! Now my problem is, how do I get her to control her bg's?
Currently, she eats practically just 'rabbit food' and goes for long walks.
She tells me that her bg's, when she tests, maybe twice a week are always
well above 300. I don't know how she lives with bg's that high all the time,
when I know that when I have been that high I feel terrible, not to mention
all the other nasty side effects, blurred vision, bathroom every hour etc.

Mum knows that I have about 6 shots daily, and will soon be using a pump,
but all she says, "I couldn't do that", and refuses any more discussion on
the matter. I know she is 68 and set in her ways, but I know she could be

My overall well being has improved 1000% since dx'd if only I could mum to
do the same - help!



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