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Re: [IP] Am I Too Shallow?

Duck And Barb wrote:
> Okay gang here's one for you!  :-)
> Erica has been getting 3 days out of her sites now (mixing), but tonight
> I noticed something that was there before, but just not as obvious as it
> was tonight.  I can see redness under her skin.  Not where the cannula
> enters the skin, but at the end of the cannula where the insulin would
> be coming out.  Obviously Erica is sensitive to the insulin as evidenced
> by the site deterioration.  I was just wondering......we have been
> inserting at a very shallow angle as she is so thin.  I wonder if we
> inserted at a steeper angle, and got it in deeper, would it actually
> help things?  Maybe being so close to the epidermis (that is the top
> layer of skin isn't it?) is causing some of this irritation.  She does
> have sensitive skin so maybe if I dig it in a little deeper (not so she
> is uncomfortable) it might be better.  We have gotten very good at very
> shallow insertions, maybe too shallow?
> I would REALLY love to hear what anyone has to say about this.  We just
> put a new site in tonight at suppertime, I would love some input before
> the next insertion which will be (knock knock) 3 days away :-)

One thing that comes to mind with shallow angles in small children: you need
to consider that you're setting the canula into a curved surface, with a 
rather small radius (compared to most adults, anyway) and may have the
end approaching the skin's surface on the other side of the curve. A somewhat
deeper angle is worth testing in order to get the tip end at the proper depth,
even if it DOES go a bit deeper in the middle.

Best answer, as always, is to try it and see.

Ted Quick
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