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Re: [IP] don't tell anyone I'm diabetic

In a message dated 6/3/1999 8:31:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Can I ever relate to your story and just like you I've got a pump and people 
 ask me if my job makes me on call 24hrs a day.  I take the time to explain 
 what this machine does and boy it makes me feel just like anybody else in 
 this world. Just because we have diabetes doesn't mean we cannot live life 
 like a non diabetic.  Plus, it is a while lot easier using a pump.
 Iain >>
   I had a person ask me how much my pager and case cost and I told them the 
truth 5000 dollars and the guy dropped his teeth.  I did finally explain that 
my pager was an insulin pump and what it does.
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