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[IP] HMO - pump

   I read your post and just wanted to share my experience with my HMO.  I am 
a brittle diabetic but A1c had not been high 7's or the highest 8.  Do not 
have a history like yours but did have very highs and lows (uncontrollable).  
I asked my endo about the pump and he told me to call a MiniMed rep. to get 
the ball rolling.  He said it was medically necessary as I am high risk and 
my PCP agreed.  My HMO, Health Options in Florida, approved me for 100% 
coverage.  I think I do better on my HMO then I ever did on regular 
insurance.  My doctors are just wonderful and I get comprehensive and 
coordinated care.  Really happy and hate HMO's being bad-mouthed by all my 
friends not on one.  LOL
   I am elderly and probably not a Type 1 but not a typical type 2.  Type 
Weird as someone has said on the post.  I am very happy with my pump and have 
very few lows mostly if I overbolus.  Have found the Dual bolus extremely 
helpful for my large meal of the day.  Really have much better control now 
and can exercise and eat whenever I want.
  Wish you the best of luck and don't feel negative you may be very 
pleasantly surprised.
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