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Re: [IP] DRI Monoclonal Antibody Trials - Today's Miami Herald

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have a question here.  Is this primarily for type 2's because I find it
> interesting the ethnic groups they mention.  Every type 1 I know (not many
> either) but are all white and Caucasian.  What is the proportion of type 1's
> in these ethnic groups?

I should add a postscript to my other message on this topic. Type 1 DOES
disproportionately strike whites. But that doesn't mean it is unheard of
in other groups. 

One of my closest friends in high school developed Type 1 when she was
19, and she's of full-blooded Japanese descent. I met a 14-year old Type
1 in Japan last year.  I also know a black Type 1 from Trinidad. 

Type 1 occurs in Africa, but those who get it usually just die out in
the villages because they can't afford insulin, so it's probably

In Japan, there is a type of diabetes that is probably a form of Type 1,
but strikes adults -- more like LADA -- those affected are not
overweight, and not sedentary, and do require insulin, but are often
diagnosed on routine physicals, not in ketoacidosis. The Japanese
government CALLS them Type 2, because they're diagnosed as adults, but
it's not Type 2 as we know it!

There is still a lot to be learned about DM!

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