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Re: [IP] DRI Monoclonal Antibody Trials - Today's Miami Herald

email @ redacted quoted:

> So scientists have been looking for a drug that's less toxic and more
> effective. That's where anti-CD154(hu5c8) comes in. It falls into a
> class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies.

I hope, I hope, I HOPE!  It would be a godsend to people with Type 1! :) 
> There are few places in the nation where such a breakthrough would mean
> more than in South Florida. Diabetes disproportionately targets African
> Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asian Americans. That's why
> South Florida could benefit so much: The region has an estimated 400,000
> diabetics.

This is the misleading part of the article. Type TWO disproportionately
targets minorities; Type ONE disproportionately targets whites. The
treatment under discussion is very definitely oriented toward Type 1.  

If such a treatment were to pan out, it would take MANY MANY years, if
ever, before it was offered to Type 2's, and so those minorities
mentioned in this paragraph wouldn't benefit much from it, if at all.

Sorry to be so negative, but it really gets me when news articles are so
blatantly ignorant, and raise false hopes in vulnerable people! 

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