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[IP] Re: (IP) 1st day pumping! Gidget! diluted hmlog

Hi all-
Well today was it my first day- so far pretty good, still a bit nervous! 
started out 300 - slowly went down by 3:30 77-    tonight 1 hr. after
supper 158.   just hope its not low in the nigbt but - the sugary stuff
is by my side!        By the way my husband doesn't really like me
calling this pump- a pump!   Not a problem, he's a good guy!  Anyways
after some thought I have a name for mine now.      When people ask me
what that thing is I'll just tell them it's Gidget my insulin gaget!   
One more thing- I only take .04 per hr. so if I need less my Dr. said I
can get a percription for diluted humalog.  Any one else doing that kind?
 What a good group of people you are!   Rosie 3/4 day pumper!
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