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[IP] don't tell anyone I'm diabetic

I just read some posts about disliking telling anyone that we're
diabetic. Man, I completely understand, but here's some food for

I spent 18 of the 21 years that I've been diabetic feeling that way. It
especially made me mad when people would try to tell me what to eat and
what not to eat. It enraged me when I'd get what I took as false
sympathy looks when strangers would give me that "Oh, poor you" grimace
when they discovered I was diabetic.

But for some reason, when I started doing intensive insulin therapy and
the whole multiple shots thing, my attitude seemed to change--I don't
really know why. I started taking my pre-meal shots at the dinner table
when we went out to eat--I actually got quite good at whipping the ol'
syringe out and jabbing it into my abdomen, right through my clothes.
People never seemed to notice. Eventually, I almost hoped they would,
epecially if we were at some glitzy watering hole where all the
beautiful people hung out. I'd get this evil hope that one of those
silicon-pumped chickies would see me injecting myself and faint into her
platform shoes. Of course it never happened. If anyone noticed, they
certainly never confronted me about it. 

One day it occured to me where this change of attitude may have come
from. I'd been diabetic for so long, and there were so many people I'd
worked with who never even knew I was diabetic. More kids than ever
seemed to be diagnosed with Type I, and lately, Type II, and I guess I
thought, "Why am I hiding this?" Yes, I get sick of explaining it to
people and all of that stuff, but I'm also sick of dealing with this
stupid, unfair disease and I want people to really know how evil it is,
and that we need a cure. Non-diabetics need to see people giving
themselves shots and testing their blood sugars and all of that good
stuff, because THEN it really hits them what we have to do to stay
alive. When I'm asked what that pager-looking thing is that I wear,
instead of thinking to myself that it's none of their business, I tell
them exactly what it is and that it keeps me alive. Hey, everybody's
gotta do something to keep them alive, whether it's staying on your side
of the road when you drive or taking insulin.

Of course, the day may come again when I'm not feeling so smug and I
lash out at some sympathetic stranger who means well... ;-\

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