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Thanks to all of you, I have learned so much in the past 2 wks. about
living with the pump.  I have contacted an independent rep who sells
both MM and D.  My insurance situation is looking very favorable.  I've
decided to work with my NJ M.D. (vs. the M.D. I've seen in Manhatten for
a second opinion) because I think it will be easier to work wwith
someone who is geographically closer.  (OR DOESN"T THAT MATTER?)  All
these connections, however, are taking time and I just don't know when I
will actually begin pumping.

Where I really need some advice is about the following:  
  Iam leaving for a 2 week trip to Europe on July 22nd.  If I get
started on the pump within the next few weeks, would I be ready to go
away to Europe with it?  I'm worried that I won't understand pumping
enough to go that far away from home.  Or should I begin the pump,
disconnect for 2 weeks, and continue when I return?  Or any other
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