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Re: [IP] My first post! Michelle's mom

On 3 Jun 99, at 16:06, Gaye Thomsen wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> 	We are one of the new kids on the block. We have received Michelle's
> Mini-Med pump and are waiting for our appointment date to be set. (We have
> to wait for a referral.) We are busy reading the manual, watching the
> video, handling the pump, and getting familiar with the pump. Michelle is
> having fun walking around with the unattached pump. Michelle is 10 years
> old. 
> 	Can you give me any advise for those first few days, weeks.  Any tips,
> ideas??? 
> 	Have a great day!
> Gaye (Michelle's age 10, dx' Oct/98)

Congrats on getting the pump.  the advice i would have for you right 
now is handle the pump all you can.  look at all the options, 
practice giving boluses, and mainly HAVE FUN ..  8)

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