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Re: [IP] Diabetic Woman-Kathleen

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<< Kathleen
 I am wondering why two of your children have not survived-was it due to 
 diabetic or something else. My heart goes out to you...
 I have two daughters 5 and almost 2 and would like a third child but peolple 
 keep saying that I should quit while I am ahead and leave well enough alone. 
 My mother especially is terrified that me being pregnant again will hurt my 
 health or the baby's. I am so confused and need to make a decision soon-I 
 will be turning 32 this October and have had diabetes since I was twelve.
 Thanks for listening
 Lisa >>
My first child I got pregnant with when I was 24.  Really out of control and 
I had a massive blood infection.  I went into kidney failure ended up on a 
respirator.  They then realized I was pregnant.  They offered my family the 
choice to abort the fetus which appeared to have major anomalies anyway and 
save my life.  My husband and parents chose that course.  I survived 
obviously and it made me understand how important the control was.  But that 
was an extraordinary circumstance and not your run of the mill complication.  
He was a boy.

I then had my daughter with no problems, had another boy three yrs later also 
with no problems.  My dh had a vasectomy.  Well, something went wrong and 
five months after I find out I am pregnant.  Three months later I find out 
with twins.  I delivered them prematurely at 25 weeks gestation. Totally due 
to the multiple gestation and nothing relative to my diabetes.  I had a 7.4 
A1C and was in good control.  I partially delivered the first baby into the 
toilet at home.  I then went to the hospital where they delivered the second 
baby by csection.  He suffered brain hypoxia.  He began bleeding internally 
and probably would have been permanently disabled if not brain dead.  My dh 
and I took him off life support on his sixth day.  My first child I feel 
quite removed from and the pain isn't as acute as the loss of Andrew.  That 
pain is hard to bear, but I can gladly tell you that it had nothing at all to 
do with my diabetes.

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