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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

This reminds me of a horror story I had as well.  I was in George Washington U.
med center about 18 years ago.  I had an insulin reaction, BG about 55, and they
gave me 16 ounces of OJ and graham crackers, then gave me dinner and wouldn't let
me take any insulin.   I was on injections and didn't have my own with me.  I
became quite pushy, but they wouldn't do anything.   The resident got to my room
about 2 hours after all this started.  I told him my Glucometer reading was 270
(yes it was a original Glucometer, you had to squirt the blood off the stick with
water and then dry the stick before putting it in the meter).  I also explained
that I had foolishly accepted the over treatment and that the dinner would cause
my blood sugar to go up on its own.  He ordered blood drawn and wanted the lab to
test my blood.  By the way he believed my meter when it read 55.   Another 2
hours later the results came back, 256.  The resident came to my room with a
bottle of insulin and some syringes and told me to put them in my drawer.  Then
in what was nearly an apology, he said you would've handled this differently
wouldn't you, well, he said, that's not how we do things in hospitals.

The lessons I learned.  Bring insulin to the hospital and I'm in charge of my own
diabetes and need to use that authority.

"email @ redacted (URTAsef)" wrote:

> this is from weeks ago, but I am just now catching up...
> by now, Kathleen, everyone has told you to be be glad you had it there and
> not in your car or...or...or...and hopefully you are beginning to feel a
> little better about the whole thing!
> Just be thankful you weren't in a HOSPITAL when this happened!!!  Last year,
> when i was at NYU and they thought I had diverticulitis, I went low (because
> they kept changing the rate of flow on the dextrose IV without telling me so
> I could adjust my basals...).  I asked for dex tabs - they didnt have any!!!
> A couple of them didnt know what they were!!!  (This is NYU mind you - one of
> the premiere teaching hospitals n the COUNTRY!!).  I asked for orange juice
> and they said NO!!!  Can you believe this?  my bg was under 60, and going
> down and they said NO.  I askd them to turn up the rate on the dextrose drip.
>  They said they couldnt until the resident on duty came back on the floor!!!!
>  I said call my doctor.  They said he was not on call.  I said give me some
> orange juice NOW...OK I didn't "say" it, I demanded it...and they gave me a
> cup rolling their eyes at the non-compliant patient who was not supposed to
> have anything to eat...
> As I am sitting in a wheelchair sipping my juice (I had to get up out of the
> bed cuz they ignored my call button, and go down to the nursing station), the
> resident walks in and has a conniption fit.  YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE
> ANYTHING TO EAT!!!  he roars!!!  I told him, YOU AREN"T SUPPOSED TO LET MY
> BLOOD SUGAR GO UNDER 100!!!!!!!   The next day, my endo yelled at him for
> changing the flow rate without telling me...heh heh heh.  Moral of the story
> for me...don't leave home, the office or for vacation without dex tabs!!
> Sara
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