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Re: [IP] air bubbles

At 04:11 AM 6/3/1999  Diana Maynard wrote:
 >When you fill the reservoir, what you do is to fill it as normal, then push
 >all the insulin back into the bottle. As you do so, you'll notice (and hear)
 >some air bubbles coming back out - if you keep the bottle inverted so you're
 >pushing the insulin and air back into the insulin in the bottle, not into
 >the air in the bottle. Keep the needle in, refill the syringe, push it out
 >again, and keep going until you can see or hear that there's no air coming
 >out when you push the insulin out. It usually takes me 4 or 5 goes until
 >it's OK. It's a bit bizarre but it really works for me. Doing it slowly
 >helps too.

I use this technique a lot (I adapted it from the way I used to fill my 
insulin syringes back in the "bad-old-days"). I also rap the syringe hard 
with to encourage a lot of the bubbles to rise. Using the combination of 
both techniques, eliminates virtually all those little critters.


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