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Re: [IP] low basal rate

> I have reduced my basal rate from .6 to .3 1 hour before I exercise.  My
> CDE and my doctor have both warned me that the pump will jam if it is
> set at a basal rate of less than .3.  I still run too low during my
> exercise sessions which normally last 2 hours.  Has anyone tried using a
> .2 or .1 setting and if so, have you had any problems of any kind?  For
> what time duration have you kept it below .3?  I am using a MM 507C.  MM
> has said it is okay to use a .2 setting.  I run high when I suspend it.
> ----------------------------------------------------------


I run at 0.4 U/hr during the day, but use 0.2 U/hr from 11:00 PM to 
3:00AM, and so far haven't had any trouble.  I've been pumping for
about 40 days or so, and use Humalog in a MiniMed 507C pump.

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