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Re: [IP] Diabetic Woman-Kathleen

I would do what you, your doctor and hubby thinks is ok to do.
I have had diabetes since I was 13. I hve 3 children from 3 pregancies all
grown in thier 20's and I did not have the advantge of the pump or even
blood glucose monitors.
My last one was 9 pounds 15 oz but today is a petite youn woman.
So far none of the 3 have diabetes..should it ever shows up there is the
technology of today. My oldest and her hubby had a baby boy last July and
he is also healthy and since the doctor knew there is a lot of family
members with diabetes he kept a good check on my daughter during her
I am thankful for my wonderful children..
If I were you I would  have a good talk with your doctor.
As a mom I still worry about my "kids" so maybe your mom is just being a

At 12:16 PM 6/3/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I am wondering why two of your children have not survived-was it due to
>diabetic or something else. My heart goes out to you...
>I have two daughters 5 and almost 2 and would like a third child but peolple 
>keep saying that I should quit while I am ahead and leave well enough alone. 
>My mother especially is terrified that me being pregnant again will hurt my 
>health or the baby's. I am so confused and need to make a decision soon-I 
>will be turning 32 this October and have had diabetes since I was twelve.
>Thanks for listening
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