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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #185

In a message dated 6/3/99 11:08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   And I also hate the question:
 "Can you eat that?"  And for Heaven's sake, I could be eating something as
 normal as a baked potato or a slice of bread!!  Maybe I'm being a little
 over-reactive, but I prefer to just go each day without wearing the I'm a
 diabetic sign on my forehead and live just like everyone else, because just
 because I am diabetic does not mean I am not a normal person with feelings,
 wants, needs and desires like anyone else!  Sorry for the ramble :)  Tamera. 

  My son was just diagnosed 4 months ago. His friends when they asked if he 
could eat whatever he was eating were more concerned because they were like I 
was-they thought no sweets, no diet cokes , no whatever. Some of their 
parents are still on the old school of thought . He explained it to them and 
now its no big deal. Now another thing-Josh's CDE told him he is only 
diabetic when his sugar is above 250 otherwise-he is normal Josh not diabetic 
Josh. She's been wonderful and I thank God everyday for bringing her into our 
lives. She is also a pumper and he starts his training in 2 weeks and she 
wants to be there for him. Gotta love her.

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