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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #185

I agree with Ellen. I, too, dislike telling anyone that I am a diabetic for
the dreaded question:  "Do you have to take shots????!!!!"  The way it is
always asked just burns me up.  I am now on a pump, but yes, I was on
multiple shots for at least a year and a half.  I don't have a problem
telling people that I was on shots, but the question was always asked so
uncompassionately (if that is a word), like, ooooooh, you have to do that??
Everyone puts the negative connotation on the whole thing.  Diabetes is a
big pain in the rump roast, and sometimes I feel like slinging my pump
across the room when it pumps into doors and chairs and whatnot, but mostly,
I go through each day without any conscienous awareness that I am a diabetic
except for bolusing for my meals, and I've gotten so good with that, it's
almost effortless.  Yes, I could and may develope complications one day, but
the good Lord has so far given me the will and ability to get up everyday
and make out of it the most I can.  I would like to educate non-diabetic
people on what I have to go through, but if I constantly get the "ooh, I'm
glad I don't have to do that, it must be awful" mentality, I feel that they
are not open enough to want to be educated.  And I also hate the question:
"Can you eat that?"  And for Heaven's sake, I could be eating something as
normal as a baked potato or a slice of bread!!  Maybe I'm being a little
over-reactive, but I prefer to just go each day without wearing the I'm a
diabetic sign on my forehead and live just like everyone else, because just
because I am diabetic does not mean I am not a normal person with feelings,
wants, needs and desires like anyone else!  Sorry for the ramble :)  Tamera.

In fact, I get tired of hearing so much negative stuff about 
DM.  I am not naive.  I know bad things happen all the time with DMers.  I, 
for one, try to remain positive and deal with life as it comes.  I am not 
going to worry about what happens in the future.  I cannot control that 
except by maintaining as good control as possible.  Are others sick of 
hearing medical horror stories?  Don't get me wrong.  I want to know how to 
prevent problems and I am always working on that,.....  Most non-DMers only
know DM as 
related to bad situations.  
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