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Re: [IP] I'm better. Can I still have the pump?


First, congratulations on your good bg's yesterday afternoon!  That's

>     If my HbA1Cs dramatically improve again, wonít my case for the pump go
>down the toilet? That would be OK except I want the pump to be free of
>hypos, to be able to exercise without eating first  to be able to do my job
>without my DM getting in the way.  (Iím a reporter and  work irregular
>hours, covering unexpected events day or night; Even when expected, these
>events may straddle my meal time). Do I still have a prayer? especially with
>an HMO?

I don't know about the HMO part, but what finally put my insurance company
"over the fence" (as opposed to straddling it) was my statement that I was
afraid to exercise because of the hypos.  I told them that I couldn't
reliably feel a hypo coming on soon enough to prevent a problem, and so I
had pretty much become sedentary.  

The reasons you listed for wanting a pump are all still valid ones.
Especially if you feel that your current regimen is interfering with your
job.  If you carefully word your case to illustrate these points, I think
you do have a chance of being approved.

Case in point:  I'm the scorekeeper for my son's little league baseball
team.  They have games in the evenings starting at 6:00.  We've found it
works better for us to eat a light snack before the game and have dinner
afterwards.  Tuesday night, the game went into extra innings (we won!) and
we didn't get dinner until 9:15.  Because my basal rate is set right, I was
able to cruise through the evening with stable bg's.  I could never have
done this on MDI.  I imagine you keep a similarly bizarre schedule with
your line of work.  Pumping really helps make this much easier.

Good luck and good health,
Mary Jean

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