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[IP] I'm better. Can I still have the pump?

I had set some steps for myself in my quest to be put on the pump.
Yesterday, I took  two: getting my Endo to write a recommendation for the
pump to my PCP and we agreed to switch me from Humulin Regular to Humalog.
   Lordy!  If there were a way to do it, I would post yesterday’s blood
sugar graph.  The day begins with the story of my life: sugars wildly
swinging between 50 and 350 (this on a multiple daily injections of Regular
with Ultralente as my background insulin) At 1 p.m.you see the mark where I
administer my first-ever shot of Humalog and from that point on, all my
blood sugars are within the target range. I have NEVER had my BGs behave
even during my most conscientious spurts.
   Wow. What was I thinking not going on Humalog sooner?
    And yet, my delight at the dramatic effect of Humalog is oddly tinged
with disappointment, or perhaps foreboding. I wonder, if my BGs improve
dramatically, won’t this wipe out my case for getting the pump (especially
since I have to work through an HMO)?
      Even with my wild swings under my old regimen I had improved my HbA1Cs
so that they were between 7 and 8 (vs. 11 to 14) probably because of the
many lows which averaged things out. My PCP and my Endo tell me 8 is
"excellent."  huh?  I think their expectations are  low.
     If my HbA1Cs dramatically improve again, won’t my case for the pump go
down the toilet? That would be OK except I want the pump to be free of
hypos, to be able to exercise without eating first  to be able to do my job
without my DM getting in the way.  (I’m a reporter and  work irregular
hours, covering unexpected events day or night; Even when expected, these
events may straddle my meal time). Do I still have a prayer? especially with
an HMO?
     Your thoughts would be most  welcome.


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