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[IP] air bubbles

I was taught a very useful way of preventing air bubbles and have
never heard anyone else mention it so thought I would do so. I have
particular problems since I am partially sighted and can't usually see
the air bubbles at all, even in the syringe (I just feel them when my Bg
skyrockets!). The guy who told me about this is compeltely blind and
it works for him too.

When you fill the reservoir, what you do is to fill it as normal, then push all
the insulin back into the bottle. As you do so, you'll notice (and
hear) some air bubbles coming back out - if you keep the bottle inverted
so you're pushing the insulin and air back into the insulin in the
bottle, not into the air in the bottle. Keep the needle in, refill the syringe, push it out again, and keep going
until you can see or hear that there's no air coming out when you push
the insulin out. It usually takes me 4 or 5 goes until it's OK. It's a
bit bizarre but it really works for me. Doing it slowly helps too.


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