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Re: [IP] glass cartridges in pump

I use the glass cartridges and I ALWAYS get a bubble in mine, no 
matter how I try. BUT, I've never had that bubble go into the tubing! 
The design of the connector in the cartridge avoids that bubble from 
entering the tube. As far as reusing the cartridge, I've begun and I 
seem to have no problem with 3 fillings (YMMV) and maybe more.

Lisa Horstman wrote:
> I use glass cartridges in my Disetronic, and I struggle with bubbles,

> empties. There have been times when there's been a HUGE air bubble in
> the cartridge when it's nearly empty. Wearing the pump with the tubing
> facing down helps, but I've still found the extra effort in getting
> most, if not all, of the bubbles out to be more satisfactory later on.
> What I'm wondering is...can I refill a cartridge after it's empty and
> use it again in the pump? Just trying to figure out a way to cut
> expenses. I've reused the cartridge needle to fill a cartridge, but

George Lovelace
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