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Re: [IP] glass cartridges in pump

At 6:17 PM -0500 6/2/99, Lisa Horstman wrote:

>What I'm wondering is...can I refill a cartridge after it's empty and
>use it again in the pump? Just trying to figure out a way to cut
>expenses. I've reused the cartridge needle to fill a cartridge, but
>that's all the further I've explored. If I deserve a tongue-lashing for
>doing this, bring it on!! I'd rather find out if I'm doing something
>dangerous now than later...

Hi Lisa!

I re-use the glass cartridges. I used to do it several times (maybe 5 or
so) until I had one crack on me and cause high BGs. :-/ So now I just
re-use it once (along with the needle) and then toss it. If I use it a 3rd
time (which I don't do often), I don't worry about it. I knew a guy who
re-used them *forever*, but he did warn that the plunger didn't slide as
easily after a while, and I didn't like the sound of that.

You know YMMV, but this has been my experience. :-)


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