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Re: [IP] Less Insulin?

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> As many of the list members know I am not using a pump yet  - the days are
> getting closer.
> There is one thing that is puzzling me - perhaps I am being particularly
> stupid today, but I cannot understand how I will use less insulin with a
> pump. At the moment I use 25 units of 70/30  and around 50 units of Humalog
> daily.
> How does my insulin need change with a pump, can someone explain this for me
> please?

Your insulin need doesn't really change, but the mismatch caused by 2 insulins
working at different speeds to try to carry yyou evenly to the next shot is no
longer a problem. Wtih your current regimen you try to take enough fast insulin
suit the current meal, and slow insuulin to hold till the next shots, perhaps
including lunch in that time span.

What happens is that you will be going high at some time to avoid going low
and/or snacking between meals to keep an even balance. This is like "bg by 
committee", never correct, just somewhere around what it should be.

With a pump you take what you need now, with basals tuned to your real needs, 
not the needs of the insulins activity curve. Efficiency is SO much better, 
and the resulting bg level can be much closer to ideal.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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