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[IP] glass cartridges in pump

<<First off, I want to say that I have never had problems with bubbles. 
bubble thing seems to come up alot here.  Could it be because I use a
cartridge with my disetronic instead of the plastic ones?  Does anyone
there that uses a glass cartridge have problems with bubbles?  Just

I use glass cartridges in my Disetronic, and I struggle with bubbles,
too. I've found that patience is a virtue when filling them with
insulin--I let the Humalog warm to room temperature before filling a
cartridge. It takes me about 4 or 5 tries before I get all of the
bubbles out. I've been pumping since February, and I've learned the
extra effort makes a difference in my blood sugars when the cartridge
empties. There have been times when there's been a HUGE air bubble in
the cartridge when it's nearly empty. Wearing the pump with the tubing
facing down helps, but I've still found the extra effort in getting
most, if not all, of the bubbles out to be more satisfactory later on.

What I'm wondering is...can I refill a cartridge after it's empty and
use it again in the pump? Just trying to figure out a way to cut
expenses. I've reused the cartridge needle to fill a cartridge, but
that's all the further I've explored. If I deserve a tongue-lashing for
doing this, bring it on!! I'd rather find out if I'm doing something
dangerous now than later...

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